It's honestly odd that I'm a photographer. I've always been a person who enjoyed creative things, but I HATED taking or being in pictures! If you ask anyone from my hometown, they would say they would have never guessed the shy, little girl that hid behind her daddy's pants leg would be in this career field. I don't think I showed any interest in anything photography based until I got my first iPhone (typical 13-year-old girl, I know). I didn't start to appreciate how much pictures meant to me until I started documenting times with my friends and family. That's when I realized how much documenting my life would help me remember it. So, somewhere in between that time I got my first camera. I didn't really do much with it at first until I was a senior in high school. My senior photographer sold me a lens that I thought could take some pretty cool pictures because it made the background all blurry. I took some pictures of my cheer friend and posted them on Facebook. After that, people started asking me to photograph their families and later on their weddings. 

Now here we are! I'm so thankful for this little gift God has given me, and I intend to use it to serve others to the best of my ability. I love not only giving people pretty pictures to preserve their memories, but also serving people the best way I know how!

Photographer - follower of jesus - college grad - WIFE 

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Don't get me wrong... I LOVE a perfect picture, but I also love a perfect, authentic moment. I want to create an ~experience~ for everyone I get the pleasure to meet and photograph. I want to look at every picture I take and see more than just pops of color and light, I want to remember the joy experienced when the photo was taken. This business was a gift from God, and it is my job to glorify him through it... not just deliver a pretty gallery (but I promise I'll do that too)!

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Madison Martin Photography, LLC is a wedding and lifestyle photography service located in Huntsville, Alabama but is available for travel.







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