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Welcome to MMP | My First Blog Post

Hey y’all!

I’m Madison, (the owner of Madison Martin Photography) and I want to start by saying thank you for visiting my first blog post. This is a brand new world to me, but I am excited to start on this new chapter in my business. I have heard of so many benefits of blogging, so with the launch of my new website I decided to give it a try.

I am nineteen and enrolled as a sophomore in college. I am majoring in business while also being enrolled in several online photography courses produced by photographers Katelyn James and Amy and Jordan Demos (fun fact: I have never taken a college photography course. Everything I have learned has been through the internet or self-taught). However, this photography journey started when I was a senior in high school… in between AP classes and cheer practice. If we want to be super detailed, it started one day after cheer practice! As soon as we tumbled out of the gym door, my friend Lilly and I went and grabbed my little beginner’s camera that was at least four years old by now. We set up in a field with sage grass, (tall, gold grass would be my term for it) and we took some pictures for INSTAGRAM and Facebook. It was just for fun. I had no idea that this would turn into a full-time “job.” Actually, I didn’t even consider being a photographer a “real job.” I am so glad God decided to prove me wrong. As soon as the pictures were posted, I started getting messages and emails from a ton of people in my town asking if I could photograph them as well, and the rest is history.

So, now I sit here today (almost three years later) looking back on all of the wonderful opportunities I’ve had and all of the relationships I have grown with such amazing people. My life has been nothing but blessed, and I have God to thank for it all. He has put some wonderful supporters in my life, and without them MMP would be impossible. So, to everyone who has helped push me to where I am today… thank you.

Photos by: Gari-Ann Kia Photography



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