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If you see me out in public, there is a 99% chance I will be in a t-shirt with my hair pulled back. Most days, I only wear mascara and may not even brush my hair (oops). So, there are only a few occasions when I do a full face of makeup and actually fix […]

Should You Get Your Hair and Makeup Done for Pictures?

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First Looks: I used to be on the fence about them, but after photographing several weddings I have realized just how valuable they can be. I get it, it completely breaks tradition… and wedding traditions are a big deal (especially in the south it seems like). Some even say it’s bad luck for a groom […]

Why You Should Consider a First Look

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Why a First Look can be so Important on Your Wedding Day

The first thing everyone wants to see after a couple’s engagement is the RING! Personally, I love seeing the ring the groom picked out because it shows me their style as a couple. Rings can be a lot of fun to photograph after you nail your technique. The first time I photographed a ring, I […]

Tips for Great Ring Shots

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One question that I get asked a lot is “What kind of camera do you use?”. I seriously can’t count on my hands how many times I’ve been either asked in person or over direct messages. So, what better way to address this question by writing a “What’s in my Camera Bag” blog? For starters, […]

What’s in my Camera Bag



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