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Should You Get Your Hair and Makeup Done for Pictures?

If you see me out in public, there is a 99% chance I will be in a t-shirt with my hair pulled back. Most days, I only wear mascara and may not even brush my hair (oops). So, there are only a few occasions when I do a full face of makeup and actually fix my hair (mainly for holidays)… but hair and makeup for every day or even a holiday is different than hair and makeup for pictures.

Professional cameras can wash out your skin in photos so easy. Details that show up in an iPhone picture probably won’t show up on my camera. So, it is important to have heavier makeup to enhance all of your features. However, heavy, picture-ready makeup is tricky… even if you do your makeup every day. Professionals know exactly what looks good on camera, and they know what to avoid. They know exactly how to enhance your lash lines, lips and cheek bones so they POP on camera. A plus is that your MUA can get those fake lashes on super quick. After photographing hundreds of couples and seniors, I have learned that MUAs and false lashes are ESSENTIAL to make your professional photos look more professional.

As for hair, it will fall a lot during your pictures. It’s important to have enough volume to last you through your entire session. Your hair will frame your face, and help you look your best for pictures. You won’t want it flat to the sides of your face. That’s where your hair stylist comes in. Thankfully, they do this for a living and can probably recreate any Pinterest idea you throw at them.

Look how her lashes POP!


So, if I’m encouraging you to hire a MUA and hair stylist for your pictures, I should probably give you a couple of my go-to’s!

For starters, I have been loving keeping up with my friend Summer’s hair business. She recently got a job at the well known Gray Salon in Huntsville, and she is only two years out of high school! She does professional coloring, hair styling, and makeup. Here are a couple of tips she has before have your hair styled!

  1. 2nd day hair is the easiest to style.
  2. Have a lot of inspiration photos ready.
  3. Be open-minded!

You can contact Summer by phone at 256-489-8141, or follow her on Instagram (@summer_at_gray_salon).

Here are a couple of Summer’s happy clients!


Another awesome MUA and hair stylist is Kaitlyn Roberts. Kaitlyn did my makeup and hair for some of my senior pictures, and I was obsessed. My hair has never had that much volume. I asked Kaitlyn for a couple of tips she would like to share and she said…

“Hey ladies! I know everything is crazy before you have any special event! But if you want the best possible outcome with your hair and make up, there are a few things you can do to ensure your perfect look! Any time you are dealing make up, it’s always good to have a proper skin care routine for the best application. On the day of your appointment, message your MUA and ask if you can do anything to prep your skin! Also, you want to get rid of any unwanted hair at least a week ahead of time so there are no sensitive areas on your skin. I would also ask if he/she recommends a lip color for you to purchase ahead of time to be sure that you will have full lips all day! With hair it’s a little more tricky, depending on your hair type, you will need different kinds of attention.. but one thing I can tell you is that a hair trim never hurt anyone! I can’t tell you enough the difference it makes when girls come in with freshly trimmed hair! Also, if you like a “full” hair look, I would consider getting some long layers put into your hair to get your hair a little more “oomph” on your big day! Good luck! Hope this helps!”

You can contact Kaitlyn by email (kaitlynromans@gmail.com) or follow her on Instagram (@_kaitlynmroberts).

A couple of my senior portraits by Marla Laramie Photography.



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