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Introducing the 2020 MMP Senior Spokesmodels

senior spokesmodel team in blue dresses and jumpsuits in field
senior spokesmodel team in blue dresses and jumpsuits in field

I have been waiting for so long to post this! I’m proud to announce and introduce my FIRST EVER MMP Senior Spokesmodel team!!! This team has been a dream of mine ever since I started this business. I knew how fun it was to be to be a part of a team like this from my senior year, and I wanted to recreate that experience for seniors of my own.

I selected my team back in May, but we finally had a chance to hold our meet and greet/ first group session this past Friday. It was everything I imagined and more! I have to admit, I couldn’t have done it without the help of many people. My MaMa’s house was the PERFECT backdrop for all of our pictures, so thank you MaMa for letting me basically rent out your house. My dad and PaPa built a gate in her fence to give us access to the beautiful swing they hung in our field. (Scroll for those pictures). My cousin, Lori, was an awesome “hair fluffer” and videographer for the day. Emily Murphy and Kaitlyn Wildman killed it on the makeup! Last but not least, I also need to thank my mom. She did all the things in between from keeping the food platters filled to curling ribbon on the girls’ goodie bags. (which had an MMP senior t-shirt and the cutest camera cookie from Telah’s Cozy Cookies).

The girls were absolutely wonderful.. and so were their moms, sisters, and friends! I’m not gonna lie, it was a very HOT day. Even the ninety degree weather did not stop their smiles! They are all so photogenic and joyful… exactly what I want to represent MMP! I can’t wait for our future group shoots! Scroll through to see all of their pretty faces!

senior spokesmodel team in blue dresses and jumpsuits in field

Emma Bultman

Elizabeth Burton

Anna Edger

Savana Furlough

Lyndsey Haskins

Rose Lane

Janna Beth Parker

Sayler Rundlett

Jayna Sickler

Erin Sloan

Emily Tinnon

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