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Katelyn James Business Journey Live Event

Back in December, I got to travel to Virginia with my mom for something that basically made my entire year, the KJ Business Journey Live Event! Over the past year, I’ve been on a journey with about 500 other photographers to transform our businesses all led by Katelyn James. Each month, we received new educational videos that covered a different topic of business such as social media marketing, branding, etc. Not only did we receive videos, but we also had a Facebook group where we held live videos and just supported each others’ journeys and posts.

We have received so much content that I haven’t even finished it all yet. I’m not afraid to admit that either. Katelyn has helped me transform my business so much this last year. I feel so professional even at twenty years old. Not only do I feel professional, but I also feel free to be myself in my business. Katelyn not only teaches technical skills, but encourages us to embrace who we are as business owners and share our story. This year I’ve learned that I serve people best through photography. I believe that is the gift God has given me. Not only do I want to serve people with pictures, but I want to serve them with a smile on my face and give them an experience that they will remember and cherish forever. Acknowledging and trying to understand my purpose has been one of the biggest takeaways from this entire experience, and I am so thankful for that!

Here is a little recap of my trip!

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